Make user roles editable for an "editor" or assign a certain role to every new/created user

Hello all!

I need for a certain project the option that an editor can also assign roles (of course below “Admin”) to other users to manage the membership of an association.

I tried the plugin “Capabilities” at first -> editor can create and edit users (great), but unfortunately not set the “role”.

Basically it would be enough, if all newly created members/users get a certain (adjustable) role, for 99% this is the same role anyway (it’s an S2 level).

Of course, I would prefer a solution without a plugin.

What should be achieved is the following:

New members are created manually each time after they have requested membership via the contact form (a “Manual User Review”). Free registration should not exist.

Thinking about it a bit, I need exactly the same for another project: Here members are submitted via the S2member form, but also manually raised to e.g. level2.

I do not want to give admin rights to the editors / maintainers, should be clear … :grinning:

I am happy about all hints!

Best regards and Thanks!

Hi Hans.

So you want your helpers to change the user’s role without having admin access, is that what you mean?

If so, you’ll need a custom script, I guess. This article can help:

I hope that helps! :slight_smile: