Make tax optional

I am using Stripe in s2member Pro. I need the option to make tax optional for some users. There is only a global option to set tax rate, not a per-user option. I have tried using the ws_plugin__s2member_pro_tax_rates_before_cost_calculation hook but it doesn’t seem to fire before the checkout form is rendered. I have tried some other hooks I have found in the code but none have given me a way to alter the tax rate before the form is displayed.

It looks like someone else asked something similar way back in 2016 but got no response: Tax Exempt Option on Signup?. I’m hoping someone has come up with a solution since then.

Use or similar connected into stripe? Can add vat number for customers. Plus get correct invoices including documentation and so on .

You leave all taxes to that and put 0% with s2member.

Very expensive for a small site. :grimacing:

I think there are some more plugins that can hook into stripe for taxes. I think there is a site a stripe listing all of the providers for functionality via hooks.

Maybe another solution is cheaper? I know another service but it’s even more expensive or only for really big customers.

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Yes, it’s ok. I just fix whatever I need manually :slight_smile:

My Stripe integration is perfectly fine for what I need though, if I need anything special I make the necessary adjustments manually somehow (so far). :innocent:

Stripe integration is an app/tool/software that plugs into your Stripe account! Not s2member. S2member is not a Stripe integration but the tool starting the payment. An integration plugs into a payment and does additional stuff.

Long list here - some may be able to do it for free.

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There are 15 cases that mention tax on that page - Maybe Expemttax.

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Cool! I didn’t know.