Make Search Engines Crawl Protected Posts

I m looking to make in some way so the search engines crawl protected posts, in this way i will get more interested people in my site content so they decide to upgrade or not.
In short i mean is to make search engines to show my posts because they are not shown and people find other sites instead of coming to me for iPhone solutions.
I know someone asked about this before but it was a reply from a user not s2member devs.

If a search engine can access a post then everyone can. You need to decide…visible or protected.

The post/page slug has SEO value and is visible to search engine crawlers. Make sure your sluig is descriptive of the protected post content.

You can also switch to using s2member shortcodes to wrap content. This allows the page to be unprotected with enough public text to gain some SEO value but then the bulk of the post is still protected. This is the approach a number of online news outlets use.

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Hi Filip.

If you restrict access to a page, then no visitor can open it, and search engine spiders are visitors. If you give access to spiders but not people, Google will not like it either.

What is possible, is what Tim suggested: to have part of the content visible, so the page itself is accessible, and you can show content based on the access the person has. If it’s a visitor or spider, you can show an SEO teaser with a section at the end that says how to access the rest of the content, or just show the premium content if the person has that access.


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I think to make in my forums a topic for each WP post with link to it.
Should this tactic work?
My forums are free to view.
Thanks for your replies.

I don’t understand what you are asking. Please rephrase. There is no reference to protection in your proposed “tactic”.

To make in the forums of my site a topic for each post and put the link in it to protected post, in this way crawlers will crawl those topics and show them in search results.

Yes. That would work fine. As we said to you…have public information that includes or references protected information.

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This is great, thank you for taking the time to assist me!

You are most welcome :slight_smile: