MAILCHIMP tags with S2members

I read all the similar topic on the subject and I also tried KC S2M+MC By Krum (it didn’t work)

I do have S2Member Pro and I have one level in my membership; level 1 with CC ; free, manifestation, TIR,

How do I pass those in Mailchimp in order to send the right emails?


Did you contact Krum? Maybe there is just a tiny setting to adjust?

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@lpds To be correct, the plugin never been set correctly. It’s like your car has never been set with oils, fuel, water etc, and try to run it… I can help you, but I need your answers, as I can not read inside other people heads, I am not Google :slight_smile:

Good Morning Krumch if you can do it quickly I’m ready to try again. let me message you on Fb