Mailchimp integration broken?

Does Mailchimp integration no longer work? I have two sites where I’m testing subscribers being added to their respective Mailchimp lists.

I’m using s2member Pro, and have both Stripe and Paypal buttons set up on one site, Paypal only on the other. Stripe is used on the first site for Pro Forms and I’m using Paypal for Specific Page/Post Access. The second site uses PayPal Pro Forms.

I’ve set the API key and List ID in both instances. The double opt-in was off for both. The s2member Mailchimp log was providing a lot of detail including [0] => HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request in some instances.

I recently enabled double optin for one (in both s2member and Mailchimp settings) but doesn’t do anything different.

The last section in the log is:

[api_email_type] => html
[api_double_optin] => 1
[api_update_existing] => 1
[api_replace_interests] => 1
[api_send_welcome] =>
[api_response] =>

So it looks like the double optin setting is recognised, but no send welcome or api response.

At the moment I am exporting user data and manually importing into Mailchimp, but obvs this is not the ideal.

I posted a similar question about two weeks ago, but got no response from support here. I was getting ‘bad request’ at times, but the main thing was that [api_response] was always blank. I was on us21 as a MailChimp data server, which was having some problems at the time.

My solution was to give up and use use AWeber, which works (API-wise), but is crappy because it requires double opt in. Even if users click ‘[ ] yes I want to receive a monthly e-mail’, most are too lazy to confirm via e-mail, making it mostly worthless.


Thanks for your feedback MB. It’s a shame that you’ve had no response to your query and you’ve had to move to AWeber. I don’t want to move to another mail system (or rather I don’t want to subject my client to that) so will continue with the manual uploads to Mailchimp, which is doable because the list is reasonably small, and perhaps the s2member team will have some good news about the integration. I live in hope!


Good positivity. Question though: if you manually upload your clients to Mailchimp, doesn’t that mean the API connectivity between that client and your WP User list is … nonexistent? E.g. If the user then downgrades or the account gets deleted, there would be no link to enable communication to MailChimp and remove the account. Is that not so?


For this particular client, I don’t think the lack of connection to Mailchimp matters. You’re correct that there is no connectivity via the API, but this client only delivers news to her list that new content has been published so if subscribers who’ve dropped out still get these Mailchimp comms, they won’t be able to access the content on Wordpress. And it’s still acting as a promo hopefully enticing the dropped out subscribers to resubscribe.

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Sorry I didn’t see this thread before.

Today’s v240218 release has a fix for the Mailchimp integration. If you try it, I’d love to know if it helped you.


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Thank you Cristián, I’ve tested the integration and it appears to be working now!

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Wonderful! Thanks for the update! :smiley:

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