Mailchimp integration and updates

Hi everybody!

I’ve read the documentation about the integration of s2member and mailchimp.
But my question is: if a user subscribes as free member…and tomorrow he updates its membership to another level, does s2member updates mailchimp with the new membership?

THank you for your reply.

By default, MC only gets the information about the contact itself, and not the levels or ccaps. If you want that flexibility, then you should look into Krum’s plugin that does it for you. In addition, the plugin allows BIDIRECTIONNAL updates, so if the user updates his email in MC, it will be reflected in s2M.

I’ve got some questions about the Krum’s plugin. Can I post them here?

You can probably post them here if they would help others too. Krum visits this forum often. But if it is more specific to your particular needs, you might want to contact him directly.