Lost membership levels after latest update

I updated to the latest version on all 4 of my websites. Although everything is fine with 3 of them, on of the websites the update wiped out six of my membership levels. I used to have 10 levels (plus level 0) and now I have 4 levels (plus level 0).
I had a look in the wp.config.php file but it still displays 10 levels, just like it always has (define(“MEMBERSHIP_LEVELS”, 10);).
What could be wrong?

Hi Dimitrios.

I really don’t know… I haven’t seen that before, and nothing I updated in the latest releases would affect that. It sounds like something very specific to that installation.

I imagine you have the Deactivation Safeguards enabled… But even if they were disabled, since the levels change is set in wp-config.php, it should have remained.

I honestly don’t know why you’d get that behavior… If you get any clue, please let me know, because I’d like to know if there’s anything I can do to help prevent it even in rare cases. :slight_smile:

I’d have the routine of making a backup before updates, though, as is normally considered best practice.

@DimitriosVasileiou, could you check if there are any differences between the working and non-working servers? e.g. different OS Version, different WP version, different PHP version, single WP-site vs. WP-multisite, plug-in difference, etc.

Also…if you enable debugging on the malfunctioning server are there any potentially relevant warnings / errors?

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Hi Cristian and Tim

It has now been sorted. The problem is that although the updates went through OK for my 3 websites, somehow on the one website – although it went through OK – the pro plugin did not actually update but I got no notification.

After a closer look I realised that, downloaded it from my s2member account and updated it.

If I may suggest, we should get a popup or some kind of notification when something like this happens, some kind of warning.