Logged in users keep getting kicked out

Logged in users are still getting kicked out while on mobile when accessing restricted pages.

I have not mixed www with any of the links.

I could really use your help.


I would remove all plugins except s2Member and see if it still exists. If so, add one in at a time until you find the one that is breaking it.

s2Member works fine until you add in plugins that are poorly written and start breaking stuff, I know I have been there a few time.

For future reference please give more details on every post and install Query Monitor. It will tell you if there is code that is broken or slow to load and help you solve the issue with all wordpress issues.


Mark…you really need to respect that all the S2Member users fight for the limited time that Christian can provide to us given how much we collectively pay him…which is little to none.

So please stop filing multiple repetitive uninformative help requests. Write a sensible bug report and you might get some help…if not from Christian then others from the community like me. And if you are not getting any response from anyone then once a half-day / day just add a reply to your own entry with the word BUMP and your entry will get pushed to the top of the list and back in people’s view.

Here’s a reality check for you. I have had S2Member running on all my client sites for years with no issues. Do I have lots of plugins installed…yes…usually about 10-15. Are they complicated configurations…yes ( I have streaming secure videos and secure AWS-based files via S2member). Does this include multi-site installations…yes. Does this include PayPal and Stripe transactions…yes.

So…answer the following questions and you can probably get someone to help…

Q1: What is the problem? The term “kicked out” is not a technical term and I can guarantee you that there is no code in WordPress or S2Member that I am aware of that “kicks people out”. Either you have access or you don’t. Do they have intermittent access? Over what period of time? Is it intermittent over a 1-minute period, a day, a week?

Q2: Is this reproducible by you and if so how?

Q3: You refer to users having a problem via mobile phone…is this a mobile device only issue? Has anyone reported this on a desktop computer?

Q4: What O/S is this being reported on?

You get the idea… to put this in perspective I just solved an issue for one of my clients where a Mac user was unable to enter their credit card number in the S2Member stripe field. I tested the form on all the browsers on Mac and Windows to see if I could reproduce. I found a work-around…client happy…I searched and found an issue someone else has raised here on the S2Member forum and added the results of my tests and the workaround I had so that Christian and others might see a pattern forming and sort out a permanent fix.

Help us out and we’ll help you out…that’s the deal…we sink or swim together :slight_smile:


Hi Tim,

I appeciate your feedback but I hope you can take into consideration that I was struggling to find a solution to a problem that a handful of paying customer was having.

It seems that whatever issue was fixed after the most recent update.

I do believe that my original post was concise enough at least to generate a response.

If you’re having no issue with your client sites then it sounds like I could use your service.

Please let me know if it would make sense to discuss further. I would feel much better knowing someone well versed with s2member was in my corner.

Thx for your feedback. I’ll defiintly keep this in mind in the furture.


Glad to hear your problem got fixed :slight_smile: