Locked pages going missing on menu!

Hi, I’m after some help. I have created a website using Wordpress and then used the Divi Theme. I have also integrated the S2 pro into it.

The situation is this: I have my navigation bar, and it has all the pages on it I want. However when I lock these pages using S2, they disappear from the navigation bar - which I don’t want to happen. They only disappear when I lock them - If I unlock them and allow anyone access, they appear again on the menu bar.

I’m not very technical with these things so I’m a bit confused as to why its doing it!

Any help would be much appreciated
Thank you

Just to add a little bit of more info, I have now tried it on a blank Wordpress page and the same issue happens.
It shows on the menu when its not been restricted, but is hidden when I restrict it

Hi Adam.

Take a look at the settings here: WP Admin > s2Member > Restriction Options > Alternative View Protection

Let me know if that helps. :slight_smile: