Locked out of account?

I purchased the pro version of the plugin but haven’t been able to log-in due to a simultaneous login issue. Please advise:


Just to check as a fellow Pro user, I logged in to my account and had no issues. At least we know it’s not widespread.

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This same error suddenly in the past few months began affecting a number of my free members as well as paying members. I’m using S2memberpro, and haven’t been able to identify any patterns to which accounts get locked out for no apparent reason.

Are you using the latest version of s2Member? I’m still using an older version (170722) since I have yet to experience any problems with it, and none of my members have reported any issues with being locked out.

Hi @Cralamarre,
I was about to rollback to an older version of S2member to test whether the bug was a result of the upgrade January 11th, but then I realized that some of my members (paying and free) had been experiencing this issue from earlier, going all the way to May 2018 in the case of a paid member. The paying member’s issue has appeared intermittently since May 2018, but has prevented her from logging in now for a few months.

Are you still unable to log in?

Hi @Cralamarre, it appears I’ve fixed the issue for now by deactivating a security plugin that must’ve been overly conservative in blocking spam registrations or logins. Thanks for the follow up.

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