Listing Packages from other plugins integrated to S2members role

I already already listing packages on my site before installing s2member. But as it does not have contento restriction I decided to install s2member.

My question is: is it possible to automatically give listing package buyer (from my other plugin Listify/WP job manager) a s2member role whenever it buys/upgrades/downgrades his listing package?

Or is there other solution to not have manually give s2members role to my other listing buyers?

Can you please provide a more descriptive use-case. You have not said what you are protecting, from whom, and when. Let us know that and we can probably tell you how to accomplish that.

Hi there. I have an Events’ Venues listing directory using Listify Themes for word press. Venue owners buy a listing package im my home page in order to list their space. Listify uses WP Job listing e Payments to achieve that. Also I have a page with a list o event organizers requests and a page with the requests details. What I intended to do is to restrict the requests details page to listing package buyers (venues owners), paid only. But the Listify listing packages plugins don’t allow me to do that. Then I found the S2member which restrict content, but I don’t want my user to sign for two signatures (listing packages plus s2member). It would be quite a hassle for them. So I was wondering If could integrate listing packages within s2member somehow or if there is a suggestion for other solution, customization free. Meanwhile I found out that I can use listing package and manually give the user s2member capabilities. However an automatic solution would be better off.

Thanks againd,


Ok…that’s a bit more descriptive but not much clearer.

Is the following what you are looking for?

“I have a user who logs in and I want a page protected so that it is only accessible by them”


“I have a user who logs in and I want a page protected so that it is only accessible by them AND I don’t want them to see any other page”.

You get the idea. The solution does not care whether you use other plugins or not. It is a content protection plugin tied to user login and user / content meta-data. If you talk in terms of user and content and the scenario you want to protect then it is easier to make a suggestion.

As a general rule if you want automated protection then you need to use a S2member ecommerce plugin to do the charging, or use s2member to handle the user registration process. Otherwise you would need to write some PHP code to hook to automatically tag a user.

We are getting there :smile:

“I have a user who logs in and I want a page protected so that it is only accessible by them”

However the condition is: if the user has bought a listing package, it will automatically give the user a certain s2member capability to access the page. Only those users will access that page.

You will have no automatic user-specific protection if you:

    • are not using the S2member registration
    • are not using an s2member ecommerce gateway to do the charging
    • do not want to write php with s2member hooks to automatically attach s2member info to the user profile

If that is the case then you can only do content-specific protection tied to being logged-in/out that applies to all users.