Limit membership type to once per user

On our site we have a free membership (which offers limited access) and a paid membership (which offers full access). We want to add a short-duration (5 days) full-access membership so users can see what is available to full members. But, we don’t want someone to repeatedly sign up for a 5 day membership, to avoid paying for the full membership. Is there a way to prevent a user from signing up for this more than once?

We’re using Paypal Pro Forms.


I guess you could assing a capability to people who uses the 5 days membership. This way you will tag them.

You can use “IF” condition to offer the 5 days membership only to people who doesn’t have that capability.

Ah - good idea. We’ll dig into this approach and see if it works. Thanks!

I am doing something similar. Upon using the trial period, they get a tag for the membership level (DIAMOND) and for the trial (DIAMONDtrial). After that, on my buttons/pro-forms, I only offer the trial option if they don’t have that tag already. If they do, they will see a “full-price” membership only.