Learnpress Redirect Issues: Fatal Error


I have a ‘fatal error’ message appearing since installing LearnPress for users. This is upon being logged out or students attempting to click a link only visible when logged in when they are logged out. Instead of bouncing the user to a different page the error message is showing up.

Can someone please give me very specific steps on how I might fix this? Though it isn’t causing any functionality issues I have paying students feeling that the Academy is broken. See attached screen shot sent to me.



Hi Katey.

Those errors seem unrealted to s2Member… At least none of the files mentioned there point to something in s2Member.

Did you do some troubleshooting already, or nothing yet?

If you already have a way to reproduce the error, then try deactivating plugins and reproducing the problem after each. If the problem went away, then what you deactivated last could be related in some way, and helps narrow down what to look into. Also try changing the theme to the default as part of your tests.

Let me know how it goes and if you find out more details to understand the issue better.



Thanks for your reply, I am quite sure it is the LearnPress plugin as this was the only change I made for this to happen so perhaps I need to contact LearnPress. LearnPress has overridden S2members logout page for something else which was a problem initially which I fixed so it seems it is trying to do something itself?

Anyway, I will try the things you have suggested, thanks :slight_smile:

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Your stacktrace shows this is a LearnPress bug so LearnPress support is the best way to go for you to get it fixed.

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