Last Login Time Not Displaying

The Last Login Time feature is not working in the database. The last date shown is August 21, 2016 although numerous users have actually logged in since then.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is there any known resolution?

That feature is working fine on all my sites, so this must be something peculiar to yours. Do you have a log of the changes made to your site since August 21st?

I don’t. I have just taken over the site, so this is an issue that I’ve inherited. I don’t have any experience with s2Member.

I’m not talking about an s2Member log. I’m talking about a site log. You need to get such a log established asap. Something like Activity Log should do it. This will enable you, in future, to trace problems to when something changed.

Without such a log, my speculation would be you have either a .htaccess file problem, or a theme or plugin conflict, in which case follow these steps (but, for “Yoast SEO,” read s2Member):

I am having the exact problem.
Custom Capabilities
EOT Time

Of Logins

Last Login Time
Only show long dashes now. I can see that the data is in the logs, and it looks like it’s making it to the database (it’s a little hard to tell, some of it’s base64 and all of it is serialized arrays and epoch time - not exactly easy reading…)

I disabled Yoast SEO - no change.
Any one else have any thoughts?

Oh yeah, I also ran the server scanner. All fine.

Hi, I just found this thread in a search of the Community Forums. I have an issue where only some of my users show a last login time and date. The vast majority are just blank, even though the login counter shows they are accessing their subscriptions. Any thoughts why that may be? Perhaps in my settings? Thanks, Roger