Keeping BBPress and s2Member separate from each other

I use s2member pro for a private membership club where s2 and s3 members are users who pay membership dues, and “subscribers” (or level #0) are expired or canceled members.

If an expired member tries to login, they’re taken to the renewal options page.

My question is: I need to add BBPress (or something similar) to my website for a public discussion forum. But, does anyone have ideas on how to keep the two registrations separate? I don’t want forum users being redirected to the club renewal options, as they’re two entirely different things.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? It’s my understanding that BBPress requires that same type of login to the wordpress site and am concerned about confusing the two areas.


Yoiu can use conditionals to keep the private section private.

For the public one, everyone would access it but you can restrict the private section to users at Level 1 (paying members).

Thanks for your response. I have members set at #2 and #3 levels. They automatically drop to a level 0, though, when their membership expires. Then, if they try to login again, they’re redirected to a renewals page. My concern is that free users (participants in the discussion forum) will be redirected to that page by mistake. Do you know of a way to prevent that from happening?

if they try to login again, they’re redirected to a renewals page

Level 0 is a free user. Why would they be redirected to a renewal page? Wouldn’t they be treated like any free members?

As for the protected sections in the forum, they would not even see them if they don’t have the proper level.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I’ll take a look at it again. They’re level 0 because they’re expired and it was the level assigned to them so they wouldn’t have access to the private member area.