Issue with CDN breaking website after 4.9.8 core update


I updated to WP 4.9.8 yesterday and today noticed that this site wasn’t rendering properly. I narrowed it down to the CDN setting within Comet Cache. This site uses KeyCDN. Once I turned off the runtime CDN filters, it renders properly again. Any thoughts? I upgraded to CC Pro specifically to use the CDN feature. Love the plugin.

Properly rendered screen capture in reply.


Once CDN filter is disabled, the site renders properly.

I guess the site in question would be helpful, eh?

Well, first, I have to say that those photos are simply gorgeous!

As for trying to diagnose the issue, I’d start by turning off HTML compression, then re-enabling the CDN and seeing what happens.

Thanks very much for the compliment, Tim!

Unfortunately I have to report that turning off HTML compression and re-enabling the CDN didn’t help. It definitely looks like there’s something going on with the CDN filter. It’s really weird, though, because none of the other sites I manage are having this issue, including one that is running the same theme and virtually the same plugins as this site. The only thing that’s really different is that this site is running the Bookly plugin.

You are very welcome!

I would talk to that plugin’s developer.

One other thing that I’ve just noticed is that you are calling the same four photos from two different domains.

Go to and then right-click and select Inspect Element, and then the Network tab. Then refresh the page. You will then see four photos listed twice: once each from and once each from You need to eradicate the calls to

Thanks Tim,

I had been meaning to fix my .htaccess file on that site ;). I have no idea why I didn’t include the www. in enforcing the exact host name. Ergo, redirect heaven. It should be fixed now. I’m not sure the Bookly dev is going to help much, but you never know. It’s not like it’s a huge site, so the CDN issue probably isn’t a huge deal. Not now anyway. I see there was an update to Comet Cache Pro, so I’ll see if it is still an issue.

Thanks again!

You could try just deactivating Bookly briefly, flushing the cache and then seeing if the CDN works. That would at least let you know whether Bookly is the problem.

If it is, then you will need to identify the pages where you have it running (I think through shortcodes from my quick look at the code). Then you could (a) exclude those pages from caching and (b) add some code to your active theme’s functions.php file to dequeue Bookly’s javascript on every other post and page. The Bookly dev should be able to give you that code.

To be honest, and irrespective of whether it’s the cause of the problem here, the javascript should be enqueued in the plugin to run only where the shortcodes are placed anyway.

Thanks again Tim,

Duh, on deactivating Bookly ;). I’ll give it a try and enqueue that JS.

My site is broken too

I use Amazon CloudFront and it doesn’t load many images. It show the message “waiting for

If I deactivate the plugin it works fine.

I have tried almos averything.

Any support will be welcome.