Is this possible? - take one time payment from non-customer

Is it possible to take a one-time payment from a non-customer and set them as a free customer?

What I am trying to accomplish is to have a product that I sell outside of my subscription service that would be purchased by non-subscribers. It’s a product that I would sell for $25 and then I want to put them as a free customer for my regular subscription service.


Hi Corey,
I would set up your extra product as a purchased Custom Capability. You can then use this capability to allow them any special digital access, and if your purchase button doesn’t have a level attached, I think they would be given the subscriber tier.

(This is what I would do, from memory. It’s been a while since I set up a purchase button on my site.)

Hope this helps.


Thanks, although that does not work. If you have level blank (actually you have to use “*”) then the person ahs to be logged in.

I do quite a bit of that. About 70% of my income comes from content that I pull out of my membership site and turn into downloadable products.

But, I have found that doing it with s2member is a pain. For years, I used e-junkie, only costs $5 a month. And now, I use SamCart. It is a bit more expensive and I don’t recommend it until one has higher ticket items.

Just some thoughts. I hope that helps.


Reserve your first level subscription for Product customers. Create a 12-month product.

[s2Member-Pro-Stripe-Form level=“1” ccaps="" desc="$25 USD / One Time (for 1 year access, non-recurring)" cc=“USD” custom=“YOURDOMAIN” ta=“0” tp=“0” tt=“D” ra=“25” rp=“1” rt=“Y” rr=“0” coupon="" accept_coupons=“0” default_country_code=“US” captcha=“0” /]

*Replace YOURDOMAIN in the shortcode above.

See screenshot for how to do this from the S2Member interactive shortcode builder (a.k.a. Pro-Forms)

NOTE: Your regular subscription clients should be at level 2+