Is S2 Members and Elementor Page Builder Compatible?

First, let me say Hi to all in the forum, I’m new to both this forum and getting to know the S2 Member Pro Plugin. The first question I would like to ask is. I’ve used the Elementor page builder to build pages on my WP site. I want to know if S2 Member is compatible with Elementor. For instance, can I use Elementor buttons with S2 Member generated buttons? Can I use my own pay button images with S2 Member or am I limited to the PayPal type buttons generated by S2 Member?

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Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

I’ve seen s2M and Elementor working great together. I am still sceptical, as I saw lot of crashes before, with different pagebuilders, and most likely will not use any of them myself, but in several sites that I watch closely this combination works. Still not sure if it works “at full capacity” of both plugins, but what I see - works.

It is easy to use your own images, please read instructions at option pages.


Welcome Tony! :slight_smile:

To change the button use the “image” attribute in the shortcode. See: WP Admin > s2Member > PayPal Buttons > Shortcode Attributes > image

I hope that helps!

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Hi Krumch, and Cristian, I just wanted to thank you both for your outreach. I have tried other membership plugins with Elementor with no problem. Because S2 Member Pro is so featured rich I really do hope I can also use it with success as well. I know this may be a somewhat simple question but here it is. The Elementor page builder payment buttons require or request a Paypal URL to link to. Can S2 Member Pro create a link to put in that field to activate my button? Can I use an S2 Members shortcode in the field that requests the Paypal URL to make my buy button active?

Again thank you guys so much for your help, it is really appreciated! :relaxed:

See the attribute output for the shortcode, and set it to “url”: WP Admin > s2Member > PayPal Buttons > Shortcode Attributes > output

I don’t know if that field in the theme will parse a shortcode, though.

If not, first parse it in a page while logged out of your account, then copy the URL from there and paste it in the field. The problem with this is that the URL will always be for new signups, never linked to an existing account to upgrade, because it’s not being parsed for each separate existing user referencing his account.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I am using s2M and Elementor. The only thing that does not “work” as is is using php code. All the shortcodes work fine with Elementor.

Hi Carole,
I have a question for you. Are you using the Elementor pricing table with your membership? Do you mind if I ask how the buttons are set up using S2Member? If not what what are you using for a pricing table that accepts S2Member shortcodes? Can you help?

I’m glad I found this thread - I have the same question. I discovered the Pricing Table widget in Elementor and created a nice page for my client. Now I need to figure out how to make the buttons work.

I read elsewhere that s2Member works with Pricing Table plugins, so it seems the Elementor Pricing Table should work as well.

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Sorry for the late reply. I had not seen your question :frowning:
When using the Pricing table, I directed the buttons to a separate page with a pro-form for s2M since I want the option to use a coupon occasionally, which I could not do with a button directly.

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I cannot find any way to do that. The s2Member pro-form for PayPal only appears to generate a shortcode. I’ve tinkered with the shortcode capabilities of the button function in Elementor’s pricing table widget, but it’s not working.

I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong in Elementor, or if there’s a better way to create a link to a separate page for registration at the selected level.

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That is why I directed the buttons to a separate page altogether.

Check my page here and click on one of the buttons. You will see what I mean:

It also allowed me a bit more flexibility so that if I have a special offer, or a promotion, I can create a different page, link the buttons to THAT page and then, with a countdown timer, it would go back to the “original” price page once over.