Is Razorpay supported as a payment gateway?

I am planning to purchase S2Member plugin, but my Stripe account is not getting activated for some verification issue and in my country Paypal is not supported, However I have got RazorPay payment gateway approved.

Wanted to know if S2Member supports RazorPay or is there anyway to configure it manually? Its urgent,

As far as I know it does NOT support it, sorry. You need to use PayPal, Stripe or you need to manage subscriptions manually somehow. If you have a tiny website you need to see if your payment processor has a manual checkout process you can use with buttons, then you have to upgrade subscribers manually upon the receipt of emails from your payment processor or by checking its dashboard etc.

That’s also the way to go if you use platforms such as Patreon. You have to up and downgrade people manually, as there’s no integration.