Is it safe to revert back to a previous s2Member Pro version?

Just a general question. I have not updated to a more recent version of s2Member (and Pro) in quite a while. I’m still running an older version because it seems to run fine.

But if I do install the latest versions of s2Member and Pro, and then experience issues, can I simply revert back to the older version and expect the issues to resolve? Or would the newer version have changed something that prevents the older version from working?

I’m torn because I don’t like running outdated versions of plugins, especially one as important as s2Member. But I’m always afraid that updating to a new version will cause a problem that I won’t know how to fix. The thought of suddenly losing all my member information and being flooded with angry emails keeps me awake at night. So is it safe to update knowing I can always revert back to a tried and true version? Or is it a risk?

Hello, do a back up before update and you’ll be fine. No reason you lose any data as it seems to me that S2Member does not affect database.

Thank you very much. I assumed it would be safe to revert back but thought I would ask to be sure.

I was willing to say “S2Member updates do not affect database”