Is it possible to send an Email to admin or editor if a payment is completed?

I could clarify some questions with help of the knowledge base, but I didn’t really get along with this task:

I would prefer to use simple paypal buttons for the beginning.
Is it possible to send an email - if payment is completed - to an admin (or editor) like:

Member (username, Prename, Last Name, maybe some adress data like country and cíty)
has payed XXX $
item name (e.g. something like “level 2 membership / 2 year period”)

Further Info:
It’s no problem to provide several payment buttons (for the different prizes), there only a few options.
Payment options can be set inside the protected (member) area.
I don’t need any comfortable editing of Email Text, just the info is important to get a better overview of payments for some offline member-list management.

I am grateful for every hint!

Best regards and many thanks!

Hi Hans.

Yes. Take a look at: WP admin > s2Member > API / Notifications > Payment > email

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks Cristián!

Like explained here I guess:

s2member builds a link with the supported parameters, this is triggered
-> MU plugin or php-page reads out values with “get” function and email transmission is done here

(Might be ovious, sorry, but I’m more a graphic/frontend/CSS guy).

You can create a notification handler, as mentioned in the article, yes. But the notifications options panels, also have an email field where you can put an address to get notified by email.