Is is possible to integrate S2 Member Pro with Leaky Paywall?

I have an S2 Member Pro subscription and the Leaky Paywall plugin, but I was wondering if it is possible to integrate the two? Leaky Paywall does allow multi-level memberships, but you have to pay about $200 for the add-on. What I want to do is use it to allow a certain number of blog posts per month, and then use S2 to handle the paid version of my site, placing restrictions on certain elements etc.

Technically the answer is always yes to the question “can they be integrated”. This is software. Software can always be integrated if you want to write the integration code or pay someone to do so.

But out-of-the-box…no, they are not integrated. In fact, they are competitive so I would tread carefully installing both of them at the same time since they are likely to be hooking / controlling all the same site elements.

Pick one or the other…not both would be my recommendation.

OK, thanks. I guess it’s bye-bye Leaky Paywall, then, Having next to no coding skills, it looks like I will have to abandon the idea of allowing everyone to view a blog post or two a month, unless WP Sharks can be persuaded to incorporate this functionality into S2 Member (or unless there’s already a way to do it that I don’t know about).

Your requirements are a bit vague but you can create a free tier and a paid tier and choose which posts to make which.

It looks like that’s what I’ll have to do, but what I was hoping for was a New York Times-style paywall, where everyone can read a certain number of articles per month free. That’s what Leaky Paywall offers and S2 Member Pro doesn’t, as far as I know.

You can get close.

S2member out-of-the-box does not count content accesses other than downloads. Content protection is based on the specific content, content type, content categories or tags etc.

You can get close to your goal by adding a custom capability to specific articles and using the [s2if] shortcode to restrict subscriber access.

So, for example, if you wanted people to be able to read one article per month and you publish three articles per month then set the custom_capability of one article as “Free” and the other two as “Paid”. Then wrapper each post with the [s2if] shortcode to include / exclude visibility based on subscriber type.

You can also use this technique to allow all subscribers to see the first paragraph of all the articles as a teaser to become a subscriber. Just leave the first paragraph out of the [s2if wrapper] and everyone will be able to read it.

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I suppose that’s close enough. It just means that I choose which articles are free to read, instead of people being able to click on the posts that interest them.