Is Comet Cache Still Being Developed

Comet Cache is a brilliant caching plugin, but noticed that it hasn’t been updated in a while, and would like to know if the plugin is still being developed, or whether it has been abandoned?

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It looks like they are still taking cash for cache … but the website hasn’t had a new blog post since 2016, the knowledge base on their website hasn’t been updated since around that time too.

The URL to Comet Cache from the Wordpress plugin page goes to comet-cache dot com which doesn’t exist nor is redirected to cometcache dot com. (sorry for the “dots” new forum user who’s not allowed to have more than 2 urls in a new post.) The WP plugin page also says there hasn’t been an update for 5 months.

I paid for the plugin & tried to get support via the “support ticket” system 4-5 days ago. NO RESPONSE! Even though it says someone will get back to you in a few hours.

I’m experiencing 404 errors.
My security software is finding poorly written & or dangerous code in the plugin.

I’ll try eMailing directly because that’s the paypal account eMail that’s collecting the money. Maybe someone will actually answer me. Otherwise I’ll use PayPal refund process to get my money back & find a plugin that’s better supported.