Is Comet Cache abandonned?


Is Comet Cache abandonned? A few things make me think so:

  1. In the WordPress dashboard, Comet Cache links to, which seems to have disappeared and been replaced with a LinkedIn redirect. A few years ago, it was a full-fledged website.

  2. Comet Cache was last updated on February 2017, which means that there hasn’t been any update for 18 months! This is an awfully long time. Even the most perfect plug-ins need regular updates in order to keep up with the latest WordPress practices. (By the way, I had to use the Change Log on the WordPress site, because is completely empty.)

  3. I see testimonies on the WordPress site of people who have “purchased the Pro version and have sent 5 support queries over the last month to, none of which have been answered.” (Source of the quotation)


Same here, I bought the premium plugin (thank god only the single site license) and I’ve send several questions to support.
No answer after weeks…

In Spanish we say “Bad signal”… They are clues that do not indicate anything good.

Hey Carlos, I’m sure you say something different in Spanish :smile:
But. you’re right there is something wrong.

Hi Guys, after days (within 14 days refund) waiting for my questions and now answer.
I managed to get my money back via paypal.
unfortunately no response first to the support questions.

I hope the give a answer on if the plugin is still in development.
good luck!

I dearly hope they are not abandoning the plugin. The signs are a little troubling. RC version has been such for way more than a year.

It would really be appreciated if the developer could come clean about what kind of development and support is to be expected for this plugin in future. Answer does not have to be positive - it just ought to be clear and transparent.

thanks in advance

I have to agree with everything Giacomo has said above: the developer has to come clean about the future of “Comet Cache”. In the meantime, I decided to uninstall the plug-in, because I’m not comfortable with the lack of updates. Imagine if someone discovers a security vulnerability in “Comet Cache”, and tries to contact the developer without success, then makes this vulnerability known. Everyone using the plug-in will be pwned. This is why I switched to a free plug-in called “Autoptimize”. It has less options than “Comet Cache”, but is regularly updated, and I managed to get a PageSpeed score of 100% with it.


It seems that the radio silence of the developers is common to all the plugins of WPSharks…
Hopefully it’s temporary and they wake up quickly, a whole community is waiting.


I try to save the WebShark’s plugins, please check the thread about s2Member. I have no code of this plugin. Please someone contact me, I need both free and Pro version.

Comet Cache has its own website at

Raam’s last visible activity was in June -

Websharks has always been terrible at changing domain names and not updating redirects. I don’t thin they have used “” for some time now. This makes sense as why should any business use a “.org” tld as their primary.

Official Webshark plugins sites still guide users to this forum … A minimum of developers presence to respond to their customers would not be too much.
There is clearly a relaxation from official developers.