This wont be forgotten

It’s a shame “how” the devs have semi-abandoned S2Member. Creating a new forum, while not updating the core for years having charged people ‘good’ money for is bad business. I always thought the coding and capabilities of S2Member is bar-none! There really is NO competition. And that is part of the reason I’m really upset having built numerous sites and added S2Member to already built sites. Now, I’m paying full stack dev to “try” and keep certain sites up-to-date with the changes in the various processors that I use. If it wasn’t for the remote api capabilities I would have abandoned S2 along time ago.

It’s really bad business to continue to sell S2 KNOWING it’s shortcomings and being outdated. I don’t think many will forget this.

well it looks even worse for their second plugin - CometCache:

Either you hope for Krumch to develop a working s2 successor - or you move to Optimizepress - which forked s2 a long time ago and actually has working support (but also lots of not updated s2 core sadly - however OPM has Thrivecart integratin now more or less working (just buggy - but looks very good) - so with ThriveCart you get around most of s2member outdated problems.).

I don’t know if websharks got “abandoned” but I get worried about Jason’s health maybe?
It IS very weird that I see no sign of life, normally Jason is top up to date with everything.

Does anyone (Jason himself maybe?) have a chance to reply here if they know about the future for all the plugins we have from websharks?

Jason left websharks since more than 1 year (june 2017).

Hi Grant, I’m not sure if you’re the Grant I know from long ago. I was very active in the s2Member team until a few years ago. Since then I’ve only looked at the project from time to time, being busy with other things. I’ve asked Jason about this recently, and s2Member isn’t forgotten. I’m considering the idea of coming back.