Invision IP.Board and s2Member

I am looking into replacing my current bbPress forum by IP.Board one from Invision. They also have a gallery option that would be really appreciated by my members. I know that Invision is a system of its own, but there is a bridge plugin that can integrate the Invision system with WP, making it a single login for members.

That bridge is available HERE. When it says “This plugin replaces the default IPS4 front-end login/registration system with WordPress.” I am wondering if that will still allow me to use the s2Member Pro (Login Widget)?

Has anyone used Invision alongside s2Member?

For anyone interested, I did install Invision along with s2Member on a test site and it works fine. I installed it on my live site and had several members using it, and it works fine, so with the Wordpress SSO plugin, it will just allow members to seamlessly go from the site to the Invision installation without them knowing anything is changing in the backend.

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