Invalid parameters to Stripe; please contact the site owner

When I try to submit a Stripe Pro form, I get an error - Invalid parameters to Stripe; please contact the site owner.

I checked Stripe errors and this error isn’t there.
I’m operating in Live mode and this error only appears when I try to pay with a real credit card.

What could be the issue?

Hi Yifat.

Did you double-check that your Stripe integration is complete and correct? WP Admin > s2member Pro > Stripe Options

Could you follow the advice here and tell me what your logs say after testing? (you can ignore the MySQL warning in the Server Scanner)

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

I had a customer experience this today as well. Did you ever get it figured out @yifat?

I have had many successful payments before and after so it seems to be limited to just one customer. I also have no errors in my Stripe

I just had some customers write in about this today. Did anyone ever figure out what might cause this? We’ve been using Stripe and s2 with no problems for years.

Is there any user error that could cause this maybe? This is what I got from one of the customers (Thanks for response but I am elderly and not familiar as to how to do this ), which leads me to believe there could be a user error issue.

Just an update, we’re starting to get these more regularly now. We’ve had about 150 signups over the past few days and had 7 people write in about this. It’s never been an issue in the past.

Update 2: Whats weird is the accounts are being created, but they are being quadruple charged. Here’s an example.

I also found in the process that people who have a card rejected and have to add a new card during checkout are also double charged. That has been happening for a while, I just saw it doing this.