Integration with Mailchimp


I read about Mailchimp integration on this forum. I understand that s2Member does not synchronize with group or segment. Those who need that feature has to use KC s2M+MC by @krumch.

I think I don’t need this feature, but I’m not sure. So, I’d like to describe my scenario:

I have a multisite (with the sub-domain method), one in French, the other in English.

Am I right if I say that s2Member subscribers in each site will be subcribed to two different Mailchimp mailing lists? Or do I need anyway KC s2M+MC?

I have to say that I never used s2Member nor Mailchimp. It is a kind of pre-sale question. :wink:



Short explanation: The “KC s2M+MC” plugin can’t synchronize with “groups”, but can synchronize user’s fields (like ccaps, custom profile fields etc) to “merge tags” (and both ways - to and from MC), thus allowing you to segment (“slice”) your list “by merge tags”. If you will use 2 different lists, and not need other synchronizations, you not need the plugin.

Thanks @krumch.

It is appriciated.