Integration with Hotmart

Hi @clavaque,

Any news about the integration with Hotmart?

Think carefully about this integration, I gave you an almost ready script.

It already helps a lot.



I don’t want to be annoying, but could you say something?


Olá Roberto!

Sorry for not seeing your new thread before.

As I said in the other thread, the script you showed me works as a hack, but to get it into a release it needs many other things. If you look for the files of any of the other gateway integrations in s2, you’ll see how much there’s going on there.

I haven’t gotten to Hotmart yet, I’m sorry. I’m working on another integration and other things at the moment… I want to get to it, though.

Did you make any changes to it since we last talked? Do you need it in the release so you don’t have to apply it manually after each update? From the script you showed me, it doesn’t seem like you’d have to reapply it each time.