Integrate "PayPal Plus" to S2member

Hi there,

exist any solution to integrate PayPal Plus into S2member? Don`t mistake it with PayPal Pro. PayPal Plus is a kind of an European PayPal Pro. With that you can offer your clients payments via bankwire or creditcard without having a own PayPal account.

To pay with PayPal Plus you have to configure your own REST-API APP on the developersite of PayPal. I tested it in the Sandboxmode of S2member and it works as it should. But for going live, S2member have to understand another way of authentication to PayPal (OAuth 2).

For this REST-API you get another Client ID and another Secret-Key from Paypal over that your merchant account is connected to your REST-API. And S2member don`t have the fields for this Client ID and Secret-Key.

For Woocommerce exist a PayPal Plus Plugin thats integrate this type of account, and deliver fields vor Client ID and needed Secret Key.

For an example, please look here:

build an REST-API:

integrate to Woocommerce

So my question is, exit any solution to get PayPal Plus running with S2member? Or is there an developer who can build an extension for that? (please name your price)

I donwant Woocommerce, is way to big for my needs, and make my site more complex and complicate as it should. I am using S2member for years, and dont want to change.

Thanks a lot.

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Did you find a solution? Same question here…