Installment plan doesn't stop when is meant to

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I’m using this Stripe pro-form code in order to test if it charges just for two days in a row and it ends there, but it doesn’t stop at any time. What am I doing wrong?

[s2Member-Pro-Stripe-Form ccaps=“prueba” desc=“2 payments in 2 days (200€)” cc=“EUR” custom=“” rr=“1” ra=“200” rrt=“1” rt=“D” coupon="" accept_coupons=“0” default_country_code=“ES” captcha=“0” /]

On the other hand, in order to test it quicker, is there a way to charge every few minutes? I have to spend days to test if it works and it’s being a pain in the… *ss

Many thanks.

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Can anyone help me? Any advice?

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You must set the first day as “trial period”. The second day you must set as “lifetime”, since it’s the last payment, and the member stay active.

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Many thanks Krum,

What I want to do is to charge once a month for a number of months.

This is not for membership purposes but to charge for a service through an installment plan automatically and online.

I put that example to make sure it finish charging when it should (as quick as possible, just few days) but, actually, I want to charge 500€ for 4 months. 500 when subscribed and then the next 3 months.

Can you help me out?

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Means, only 4 charges total? And then to stop? Is it important what is the level of the member meantime?

Hi krumch, and thanks for your response.

I’ve followed this article:

As you can see in the code I’ve already shared.

I want to be able to charge for a limited number of times. As I understood, you have to put the inital amount and then, you can put the number of “period of time” (days, weeks, moths) you want to repeat that charge.

Thus, I want to understand why this code is not working (it never ends) and how to configure it in order to put the number of periods that I am needing in every case.

Many thanks!

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Because when you create it, you used the option “Daily (recurring charge, for ongoing access)”. No way to limit the recurring subscription “out of the box”. So, would be nice if you can “assemble” the last 3 periods into one, then use the method I described above.

Or, if you strictly need “limited time recurring subscription”, this will need custom code, and I am not even sure it is possible, needs research. Call me if you need a developer.

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Hi Krumch

I tried you solution but you can see in my picture the trial go out after select lifetime.

Can you show a “life diagram” of the member? I am not sure I understand what you need…

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Salut Gerard.

The option you picked is for Buy Now, and the description mentions “no trial”, that’s why you don’t have a trial field.

Actually, setting the regular term to lifetime, also doesn’t allow a trial.

See: WP Admin > s2Member Pro > Stripe Pro-Forms > Shortcode Attributes

Must be 0 when rt=“L” or when rr=“BN”

I hope that helps understand it. :slight_smile:

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While browsing the old forum and this one I saw 2 things that came back in the discussions about the payment phased and the tunnels of sale.

and there I thought either I buy a plugin or I do DIY.

  1. For sale tunnels I think I saw this on an American forum wp warrior … I think

Sale page with a buy button that returns to another page with an order bump offer so the person can buy 2 things if it validates one returns to a pro form if it does not want to review another pro form for the first offer.

Make 2 more upsell and too much with this method I think.

We can use thrive ultimatum

  1. For the installment payment I saw this:
    so I have to disable the automatic EOT and make a custom subscription to finish I could not do a free workshop with automatic removal of my subscribers

So here is an example of payment in 2 times with access for life:

[s2Member-Pro-Stripe-Form level=“1” ccaps="" desc=“1 Month @ $30 / then $30 EUR / Monthly (recurring charge, for ongoing access)” cc=“EUR” custom=“” ta=“30” tp=“1” tt=“M” ra=“30” rp=“1” rt=“1” rr=“1” coupon="" accept_coupons=“0” default_country_code=“US” captcha=“0” /]

I change rt=“M” to rt=“1” 1 for 2 payments

To make a free workshop I make a free-subscriber form then to remove the account after 30 days I found this solution:

to install the plugin Bulk WP paid one year subscription 15 $ for add-on “Scheduler for Deleting Users by Role”
and use this configuration for 30 days:
Go to Bulk WP -> Bulk Delete Users

  • Go to ‘By User Role’ module
  • Select ‘Subscriber’ as the user role
  • Check the checkbox with label ‘Restrict to users who are registered in the site’ and then select ‘for at least’ from dropdown
  • Then enter 31 days in the textbox
  • The select ‘Schedule’ radio button
  • Choose the repeat frequency to be ‘daily’
  • Click ‘Schedule Bulk Delete’ button.

One last thing I intend to do a CCAPS for my free-subsrber pages, in the free workshop it will be possible to use a coupon with a pro form link and for the levels 1 to 4 for the free parts they will have the same page without the link of 'registration

  1. Another question:
    default_country_code = “US” -> for france I have to change FR?

  2. Off-topic: (I set up free-zapier with wordpress and mailerlite, it works very well for subscriber at level 4) => for what uses something other than mailerchimp and aweber

Sorry I used google translate if you don’t understand I can re-post with a better english

Can you tell me if solution 1 and 2 are correct?
Can you answer my question 3?
4) It is to confirm a topic seen on the forum



Hello guys,

I hope you’re good.
Nobody to confirm my pro-form ?