Information about S2member - pre sales questions

This is a pre-sales question. Unfortunately, the Contact us section for pre-sales questions does not work in this moment…

So, I’m looking for a solution that:

  1. let my visitors do a paid subscription through Stripe.

  2. when the visitors subscribe, an affiliate id could be saved on their profile for further consultation.

  3. the customers can be able to update the details of their cards in the future.

  4. an email can automatically be sent to the subscriber (and to the affiliate, if any) in case in a given month the payment fails.

Can I achieve that with your plugin? Could you share some documentation that can help me to achieve what I want?


That sounds exactly what this plugin is all about, using S2Member my site has all of those features.


Thanks for your feedback.

Do I need PRO version to match all my needs? Or free version in enough?
Also the Affiliation part is included in the plugin, or it needs to be integrated with another plugin?


S2member should do everything you need, it does integrate with other plugins too.
My recommendation is to give the free one a go, check it out and see if it all works. The pro version has much better integration and works well with stripe and PayPal Pro for a more streamline experience.