Increase in customers with '503: Service Temporarily Unavailable'

A few weeks ago I suddenly had a spate of customers not being able to access the website as they were receiving the ‘503: Service Temporarily Unavailable’ message.

This is due to the IP Restrictions that S2 Member setting. Unique IP Access Restrictions (prevents username/link sharing)
This is currently set at 10 IP addresses over 30 days.
I reset the overall Logs for all users and the problem for my customers went away.

This has happened again 9 days later overnight. I have been in contact with some and they are saying they use the same device at home. So technically they should just have the same external IP address and this setting should not take affect.

I am now having to set a calendar reminder to reset on a weekly basis which sort of defeats the point of this.

Is this an issue others are having? Can we see the login count in the database to monitor the affected users?
Any advice would be welcome.


To add an update.
I have installed a plugin which logs all attempted logins and includes the IP address details.
The issue it would seem is that of IPv6 logins.
One customer affected has logged in each day from the same device.
These are the IPV6 addresses logged.

The last 4 sets for each IP above change on the login, withe the first one an exception, first 2 sets the same though.
S2member should be able to see these as the same address without going into the way the IPv6 protocol works.


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That clearly looks like you found the bug. S2 seems to not understand ip6 notation and compares it literally.

Uh oh… I recently had a member complain that they were getting an error message. When I realized it was from the IP restrictions, I assumed they were logging in from multiple devices. They said no, they logged in from the same computer all the time. Guess they were telling the truth. :frowning:

Thankfully it has only been one member so far.

After just another customer complaining about some problems, I switched off IPV6 today. It would really be time for s2member to not create problems with IPV6 (I think there are some more not only the login attempts)