Incorrect Double and Triple Charges from S2


We have a recurring issue with customers being double charged or more - sometimes the customer is incorrectly charged 4 times for one subscription. The following happens with about 10% of our sign ups:

  1. The customer attempts to sign up for a subscription. We include a 7 day free trial but card details are required at the point of sign up
  2. Customer sees two simultaneous error messages from S2 when they try and process payment:
  • at the top pf the checkout form they see ‘Action Required - Secure authorization’
  • underneath the strip box they see ‘We are unable to authenticate your payment method. Please choose a different payment method and try again’
  1. However a subscription has been created in stripe. Unless cancelled the customer will be charged in 7 days but from the customer perspective, the sign up attempt fails
  2. So in many cases the customer makes continued attempts, and so creating multiple stripe subscriptions
  3. Sometimes one of those is authorised and the customer continues, other times they give up
  4. In 7 days time the customer is then charged for all attempted subscriptions

@clavaque Can you help us understand this at all? I can provide clarity screen recordings / logs if helpful. Thanks in advance.