Import inserts some data into wrong columns

It appears as though the import functionality ignores the header row name in some cases and instead imports columns into different database fields. Can you please elaborate on this import? Does it actually read and match the column names in the header (first) row or does it just import based on the existing order in the database?

It won’t let me upload attachments so you’ll have to believe that the csv file is properly formatted.

After comparison with exported data, it seems like the only way to get data into the right columns for custom fields is to order them alphabetically - the first row data header seems to have no meaning whatsoever (although I didn’t try to remove it).

This is really absurd behavior, and also is not documented anywhere, and makes imports remarkably difficult… I wish it would be fixed to match the columns with the field name in the first row as would be expected from a delimited data import source… sadly too late for us, but for everyone else who can’t get it done, please please fix.

Hi WordCrunch.

I haven’t had that experience…

I’d really like to take a look at the CSV you have trouble with (obscuring user details, of course, or with just fake users) Could you upload it to your site and give me a link to it?

Is it the advanced or simple importer? Whether to update existing users or use it as a template to add new users, did you first export in the format for re-importation?