iDevaffiliate commission issue

Wanted to politely repost this since it’s a fairly urgent issue. I completely understand that these questions get answered as quickly as they can, but I’m still struggling to find an answer. Any help would be much appreciated.

The issue is related to affiliates who are receiving 50% commissions on the initial transactions but are not receiving transaction on recurring transactions.

I have the configurations set up correctly.

I have spoken with their support, and here is what he had to say…

"Ok Mark, please see the attached. Here is what I did. I simply created a call to our system passing the exact same data as the first order… the commissions were created without issue… many of them (to illustrate the fact that our side is definitely, 100% working. This means one of two things.


  1. The call was made for the initial signup/order but the recurring calls are not being made by S2 Member when the customer is rebilled during the recurring cycle in which case this is something you need to contact S2 Member about to find out why. This would likely be classified a bug or need a quick update from their end to fix the issue.


  1. The call is being made by S2 Member for each recurring billing cycle but the data being passed is not the same. Maybe its missing the customer IP. Maybe the customer IP on the recurring calls is wrong/invalid for some reason. If this is the case, I’ll need to see the log file showing the calls that are being made. I will be able to pinpoint the exact issue once I see the logs. Please note, this too will be an update needed on the S2 Member side of things but I can at least look at the data to let everyone know where the issue lies in terms of missing or invalid data being sent on the recurring payment cycles.

NOTE: A 20 year educated guess says either the call isn’t being made at all during the recurring billing cycle or its being made but the IP address is wrong or missing. I’m confident one of these items will be the issue."


Jim Webster
iDevAffiliate Technical Support

Any help would be greatly appreciated.