I'd like to change... "Nothing to cancel. You're not a paid member."

I’m going to fish around for it, but I’d like to change the verbiage of that message. Someone who gets that message is either part of the site or has a comped account. I’d like to reflect that.

If someone can direct to which file I need to dig into, that would helpful.

If I find it before I get a reply I’ll reply here that I found.

I think something like this would work:

add_filter("gettext_with_context", "s2_contextual_translation", 10, 4);
function s2_contextual_translation($translation = NULL, $original = NULL, $context = NULL, $domain = NULL)
	if ($domain === 's2member' && $context === 's2member-front')
        if ($original === "Nothing to cancel. You're NOT a paid Member")
            $translation = "This is the new message.";

Might have to go in a file under mu-plugins