I need help S2/Pro

My project is as follows: using S2/Pro for a free membership site (No payment).
I installed it again (I used S2/Pro a couple of years ago without problems)

I would like to have all my users ‘registered’. To do this I have erased all my users (900+) - I’ve told them before (email) they would have to register again and over.
I installed then S2 - did my setting but this doesn’t work the way I was wanting (1) visitors join and see the Homepage of the site, they can open an archive and read the forword of the archive then if they want to read the entire text, they have them to register.

This is what I was planing. Unfortunately, when you are not registered and come to the site, you don’t even see the homepage because you are sent to the registration page without any nottice. Beside this I think that the system doesn’t work because after 24 hours test no one got trough the registration.

my site is https://www.eucmh.be (I would like someone to register to see if this work)
then getting help to the correct setting or use of S2

Thank you

Note : because I am going trough a 100% REDO process I would like to find a way (if needed) to create an accessible ''presentation page of the archive" (page 1) and then allow the visitor to register. It would be great - if possible - to be alolwed to put the protection codes in the template [-] and [/] which would make the use easier
Thank you

Another point is - because it’s free for all I will turn the Allow Free Registration on and don’t use any other level

One last point - my key code S/Pro - I searched a place to enter this but never find it ?

Hi Gunter.

What a wonderful project you have going there. Congrats!

About the site protection, how did you do configure it? And what did you set as the Membership Options Page?

If you want to show part of a page as a teaser, you need to leave the page unrestricted. Instead you’d use conditionals to protect the bulk of the content and show it only to logged in users (level 0 access).

You can add the conditional in each page’s body, or you could have a custom template that includes it and is applied to all pages from a single place.

I recommend that you see these:

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Thank You for the answer
Well I would like to my visitors (registered and non registered) to land on the regular homepage of the site - that the first point.
The homepage is large enough to make them willing to register.

If they then click on an archive to read they should be sent to the login welcome page with a link to the memberships options page to register.

I am planing to make a text on the login welcome page to tell the entire *.edu world that they will have a total free access (level 0) (email form) which will give them the url of the Free Registration Page.

Still on the same page (Login and Welcome) I will also type a text for the others visitor and with a link sent them to the Membership Options page to register.

So ! again 1 - Homepage Free access / 2 - (If a not logged in or not registered user click on one archive on the Homepage he have to be sent to Login and Welcome, a page with (1) link to Free Hidden Registration Form for *.edu and (2) link to usual user pay membership (Membership Options Page).

That’s what I would like S2 tyo do for me!

I think I understand, but I need to clarify a couple of things.

The Login Welcome page is not accessible to people that aren’t logged in, much less not registered. This page is protected at level 0 and requires the person to be logged in. It’s supposed to be shown right after login, thus the requirement.

The Membership Options Page is the one the person is taken to by s2 when he tries to open a page that he doesn’t have access to.

You could have a free registration form on the Membership Options Page. Then on the Login Welcome Page, the one they see after logging in, you can have a payment form to have them upgrade to level 1 for premium access, for example.

If some would have free access to the premium content, you can have them contact you and you can change their role manually from their profile, for example.

And if you want to leave the home page public, you need to make sure you don’t restrict it. WP Admin > s2Member > Restrictions

Does that help? :slight_smile:

I think I got it
so for the homepage to be the first page someone see when he request my URL
I have to do the restriction case empty of on level 0 ?
Because I have level 1 2 3 4 memberships (fee) and (for the *.edu world) free

I really want the homepage to be the first page and then when they click -> membership page with a contact me to gain access for free.

I would like to have a Login/Password on the homepage
how can I do this ?

There is another alternative that also works,
When you first create the page that contains the “teaser”, do not select any access level in WordPress (leave that part completely blank on top rhs in WordPress dashboard).
There is a caveat, the second you even attempt to assign a user access level you are stuffed and will have to delete the page and start over…it has to be completely blank.

If you do the above, any user who is not logged in can read the page.

That works for me with the free version at least.

The s2members plugin has a fundamental flaw in its user access control in that one cannot choose to select a blank access level…it only allows 0,1,2,3 or 4…which is a pain.

Hi Adam. I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Could you clarify it so I take it into account when I work on improving that part? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t know what is happening but I get spams registrations +/- 30 / day
How do they do that ???
can someone have a look at the site ? I think I did something wrong


thank you

Hi Gunter.

You seem to have Open Registration disabled… Do you have a free registration pro-form somewhere on the site?

Also, could you please enable logging? I’d like to see if we get entries for the registrations and if we find where from. WP Admin > s2Member > Log Files


Hello Christian
I had a page with a registration form but I removed it (all pages are open)(only login and welcome is closed.
I have turned Free Registration ON
Anything else to Do ?

thank you

if there is a way to contact you privately I would give you an admin access to check

Hi Gunter.

I see. Well, if you have open registration enabled, that’d be a way for free registrations to happen. Bot spam registrations are common, so you’d need to add a catpcha or something that will prevent/reduce them.

If you disable open registration, then the registrations on wp-login.php won’t work, and you’ll avoid most spam registrations. I haven’t seen bot spam registrations from the free registration pro-forms yet, because they’re not in the standard address for WordPress registrations, and it helps if you enable captcha there too.

You can message me privately here, if you want. Click on my name and then the blue “message” button.


Hello Christian
There is no “message” button so I connected Jason on Twitter and gave him the info for your admin level account on my site :))


I just noticed something strange with the homepage. When I am not logged in I see the header and the footer + 3n chapters of the site, but all the other chapters only shows the blue title bar but no images from the posts which should show up like when you are logged in. How is this possible ?

Hi Gunter.

Jason is not part of the project anymore. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you couldn’t message me here. You can email it to me from this page, click on the Contact Us button: https://s2member.com/support/

Please include this thread’s URL for easy reference.