I cannot activate my license key for [if] Shortcode Pro


I moved my site to another hosting provider, but with my own and same domain name.

In my new WP Dashboard, I cannot activate my [if] Shortcode Pro license key because I already have 1 license key for 1 site activated.

When I went to check in my WPSharks Dashboard, I see this message: Activated Sites: 1/1 + 1 red icon with the correct domain name. When I click on the red icon my domain name is gone and the Activated Sites: 1/0.

I return to my Wordpress Dashboard and press the save changes button, but still not validated. Also, the red icon is back on my WPSharks Dashboard.

I tried the empty cache suggestion (even on server level) I read about somewhere in the knowledgebase but that also made no difference. Maybe I need to deactivate my license and then activate it again with the same code?

I see nowhere in the WPSharks Dashboard a support icon, as mentioned when I press the “contact” link after a login.

Do anyone has a clue how to solve this issue or maybe a link to the proper support page?

Thanks in advance.