How to use 1 Paypal IPN for Multiple s2Member sites

We want to setup several (8) s2 membership sites using our PayPal account.

BUT PayPal only allows ONE IPN per Account.

So we can use IPN for Site 1, but NOT for site 2 (1 IPN means only 1 return URL)

Hoping someone knows how this can be done (note: we do not have or want to use other payment systems)

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yes, that can be done, but needs a custom script to receive all PayPal IPNs and forward their data to the separate sites.

s2Member tries to set the IPN URL on a transaction basis, which bypasses the one in PayPal’s default one in their settings. But sometimes I’ve seen them ignore the transaction one and just use the default, too.

I’ve custom coded scripts like this in the past. @Cassel’s was a recent one, maybe she wants to drop a comment about how this approach is working for her, and if she’d recommend it.

I am not sure my situation is the same as I only had one s2Member installation, while the other one was from my Zencart installation. They both went to the same Paypal account and somehow they were mixed up, which Cristian solved with a “self-checking script” to make sure that the data was sent to the correct site.

if they are on the same server no worries. Just use the same IPN for both. At least for paypal standard no worries. Been using the same account for over 13 years for two different websites.
My only problem is that my invoices through have to be identical for both websites.
(same for Stripe).