How to setup s2members as a booking plugin

hi guys,
I thought i had already posted this question a day or so ago but i can’t find it.

I have a new client who owns a small paragliding business where they take bookings for paragliding tandem flights.
Because the weather is unpredictable, I thought it would be better to set up using s2members (rather than a booking plugin) offering a temporary membership that is conditional on the supply of a service.

for example,

  1. customer makes a purchase of a particular membership type (called 1 hour tandem flight)
  2. the membership is not restricted by date, however, once the flight has been undertaken, the business owner logs into s2members and then checks off the service as “supplied/completed”.
  3. s2members then remove that member from the “active” part of the database

The membership could either automatically terminate at that point in time, or revert back to a “free membership” just for the purposes of the business owner being able to track return business, and also to ensure that an existing “active membership” cannot inadvertently forget they have paid already and attempt to pay again without having first used the previous service.

  1. Is this something that is ok to do using s2members?
  2. Pros vs Con’s of my idea in s2members?
  3. Would the conditional outlined at the end of the above (the checker for existing purchases) require the pro version or can this be done using the free version?

Hi Adam.

s2 doesn’t have a uses counter, but you can certainly change the user’s role manually.

So the user can pay and be upgraded to level 1, for example, and then your client downgrades the user back to level 0 after delivering the flight. Or you can give the custom capability for the flight, and then remove it from the user’s profile, but keep his level the same. You can play with that.

You don’t need the Pro version for the above. Try the Framework and test it out.

Does that help? :slight_smile: