How to set up single download of .wav hosted on S3

I have the basics os S2 working. I have the member levels working. for level 1 I want user to be able to dl a .wav file hosted on S3. I have had AWS/S3 for years and never used it for anything because i can never figure it out. do you have a “for dummies” step by step to have that dl link on my level one page using S2 + AWS/S3?

Hi @BobMane - if you are referring to the AWS/S3 plugin…it is not related to s2member. S2member has its own built in support for protected downloads from AWS S3 using secure time-limited links.


The 3rd article gives an example of how to protect downloads based on capability…so only someone who has that WordPress capability assigned to them can download the file. Subscription levels are also capabilities.

Somewhat confusing given certain things in S2memeber docs are outdated. Regarding download access, I dont understand why giving user 1 dl every 365 days = unlimited dl of said file due to s2 code rules?? What if I only want user to be able to dl a file for week? Not endlessly have access?

“if a Member downloads the same file three times, the system only counts that as one unique download”

Then in: Advanced Download Restrictions

" Advanced Download Restrictions (optional, for greater flexibility)

By default, s2Member uses your Basic Download Restrictions, as configured above. However, you can force s2Member to allow File Downloads, using an extra query string parameter: &s2member_file_download_key=[Key] . A File Download Key is passed through this parameter; it tells s2Member to allow the download of this particular file, regardless of Membership Level; and WITHOUT checking any Basic Restrictions, that you may or may not have configured above. The creation of a File Download Key, requires a small PHP code snippet. In order to use PHP scripting inside your Posts/Pages, you’ll need to install this handy plugin (ezPHP

OK so I sell access to a page, then I can put advanced timeout dl links on the page? But once agian “ezPHP” is not current???