How to remove "member-login" tag from EVERYTHING?

I am having an issue with the divi theme site design getting thrown off because of “member-login” hovering over everything.

To be clear on one page, I have 4 columns in 1 row, empty-image-image-image and it works fine, then in a new section below, I copied the same 4 columns in 1 row, it has the same empty-image-image-image but shows up as image-image-image-empty. However, over the first image it has the “member-login” tag on it. Where the one above doesn’t have it.

Anywhere on the site, all images, text, etc all have “member-login” tag to them.

The “member-login” tag appears everywhere, I have looked up content protection, but I can’t find out where to get rid of this. It was even on top of my divi login module. That part fixed itself (?). So does anyone know how to either turn this off or a short code to turn it off.
The site is

It looks like you have installed the s2member pro login widget…if so stop using it and see if this problem goes away.


Removed the pro-login-widget and its still taking me to the “member-login”.

Have you cleared all your caches.

I’ve WP Rocket and cleared cache

You are using Cloudflare so you need to clear that. You also need to clear your browser cache of course.

No cloudflare right now, I’ve also tried it on 4 different browsers.
I might delete S2 and put it back in.
Not sure what else to do.

I went to your website from the link you gave me…cloudflare is active

Thanks for letting me know, There might be a conflict with SSL and name servers. More to look at.
I had forgot that the free SSL came from there before. More work.
I’ll have to make a few changes.