How to offer Membership Upgrade?

The site we’re using S2 Member on sells template downloads, Bronze membership allowing 4 downloads for 1 month, Silver 8 each month for a 6 month subscription period and Gold unlimited downloads for a year, and on the download limit exceeded for Bronze and Silver members I’m wanting to add an Upgrade Membership button, but having searched everywhere I can’t find how to generate an Upgrade Membership PayPal shortcode - Surely there should be a way for members to upgrade their membership?



Hi Holmey,

You’d just use the button/form shortcode for the level you want to sell as the upgrade. With some conditionals that check the current user’s access, you can present him with his upgrade options.

Test it and see how it works, and let me know if you have other questions. You can test live payments (not sandbox) with tiny amounts (e.g. Stripe min 50 cents, PayPal min 1 cent).