How to include PeepSo groups as a subscription?

This is a followup to my earlier question about how to use URI Restrictions in way that will not allow success levels to automatically include previous level.
The access I’m attempting to protect is for a PeepSo group. PeepSo is a community plugin that works really well for social feeds and groups. But the URL for each group is not an actual page. A sample URL is, where Rolland Thomas has oversight of the group.
Using the URI works for granting access to the group page, but still doesn’t sign the subscriber up to that group automatically. That takes place inside PeepSo somehow.
So I’m a little stumped. Ideally someone could subscribe and have immediate access as a group member. But so far I have no idea how to grant that in s2Member. My role management plugin doesn’t include it. Paid Memberships Pro is integrated with PeepSo, so has it as an option to tick a box for groups. But it’s not nearly as good as s2Member and my experiment with it caused serious issues on the site.
Can someone point me in the right direction to try to figure out how to automatically sign someone up for a group via subscription? I’ll contact PeepSo, but otherwise am unsure where to even start investigating.

You can do it, but for this one you may need a bit of PHP.

This article tells you how to assign a role, or give access capabilities, to a user:

Or you could ask the PeepSo guys how you could assign a particular WP role to a user when he’s put in one of those groups. That way you’d give him the s2Member Level role you want for that group.


Thank you. I’ll shoot for route 2. :wink: The PHP scares me. I’ve already asked them for input too.

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Can someone point me in the right direction to try to figure out how to automatically sign someone up for a group via subscription?

I think you’re asking for the opposite of where the conversation landed.

You want an s2 purchase to put someone in a PeepSo group?

Unfortunately not all plugin authors share their paid code publicly for others to look at to try to solve these types of issues (+1 s2 and PMP. -1 PeepSo).

Looks like they also charge $99 for their PMP integration (-1 again).

You’d need to find out what code in PS adds a user to a group and call that code instead of the example webhook using this s2 feature:

(and you thought the other PHP was scary).

If PS won’t do it you can hire someone.

Not me, though. I think PHP is scary for other reasons and only work in other languages unless I’m doing something for my own sites.

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Thanks Ric,
PMP was working great. I used it because of the integration. But it’s too limited and with the recent update it broke too many things on my site. Support got back with me after a week, but by then I had given up and switched to s2Member.
I’m asking PeepSo support for ideas. They’re not always too quick to respond with solutions to stuff like this though. So far, nothing.

Having talked with PeepSo about this a bit, maybe it won’t be that terrible. Since I have the PMP bridge already, they said that it shouldn’t be difficult at all for someone to reverse engineer it and adapt it to s2Member. I’m clueless about what goes into that though, costs to expect, etc.

How to get it set up so that it has ongoing support? No sense paying for it again each time there’s an update!
Who would list it? Peepso? s2Member? Both? It could be offered on PeepSo for a fee, which I’d be happy to let the developer offer. PMP is the developer of the current PMP bridge, so it suits them nicely.

I’d like to do it right so that it can have long-term benefits for the community. I’d also like to minimize costs as much as possible. Thoughts?

Maybe @krumch would like to give you a quote.

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It’s been kinda weird. I’ve been unable to get a quote on this, even from developers of other PeepSo plugins. They could add it to the PeepSo store and possibly sell it a few more times too.