How to get notified from Stripe when new member signs up for free trial

I recently switched from using Paypal to Stripe for subscription payments. I created the Stripe payment within S2member, using Stripe Pro Forms.

My subscription has a free 7-day trial, with auto-payment kicking in after that.

Everything seems to be working well, except for one thing…

With Paypal, I would get a notification when the subscriber first signed up, and also after the payment went through.

With Stripe, I only get notification of payments. How can I get notification at the beginning of a new subscriber’s free trial period?

Hi Pauline.

Do you mean notifications from Stripe or s2Member?

There are a few notifications you can set up from here: WP Admin > s2Member > API / Notifications

Does that help? :slight_smile:

Thanks Cristián.

I do get notified from S2member when someone registers at my membership site (after they fill out the Stripe Pro payment form). But some new subscribers don’t register, because the “Congratulations - Your membership has been approved” message lands in their spam folder, or for other reasons.

When I used Paypal, I would know when a new member first signed up, because Paypal sent me an email when someone paid via the Paypal button created in S2member. Then Paypal sent another email when the first payment went through, and for every payment after that.

I thought that the same would happen with Stripe, but apparently not.

With Stripe, I don’t get notification until after the free trial, when the new member’s payment actually goes through. Thus, in order to see if any new members signed up and are on a free trial (but who didn’t register at my website), I have to go to my account at the Stripe website.

In my communications with Stripe, they said that I have to create a webhook (or a series of webhooks) to trigger notification of the free trial period, but there seem to be several steps for that, and I’m not sure how to set it up.

Is there a specific API notification that I should be adding to my Stripe Pro form setup?


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I have the same problem, would love to learn how to enable a notification at the start of a free trial in Stripe.