How to extend a paid period manually?

I often offer a couple of months of the membership as prizes for various activities, contests and promotions. Normally, if someone is on a monthly plan, I will just pause the membership for the period they won. How would I do that if someone is on an annual plan? If I pause it on Paypal will it actually postpone the next renewal? If so, great. If not, what would be the best way to go about it?

Any input on this one?

There is no good way to extend a subscription. Simply don’t offer this. Either one time prices or subscription.

It is not something I “offer”, but in various events I host, there are prizes and sometimes, it is 2 months of the membership, or 4 months, so this is the situation when an annual member wins. I am just wondering how to handle that. It is not that often, but it does happen.

When they are on a monthly basis, I just pause the payments on Paypal for that period.