How to email existing members

Is there a way with memberships Pro to send a notification email to members? (this has nothing to do with registration, i wish to notify all existing members of an issue that we need their feedback on)

We use the “Email Users” plugin and it works really well

so is that “wp email users” plugin on

also, does the plug actually synchronise with existing users already in the database before the plugin is installed, or only subscribers who joined up after the plugin was installed?
we have 150 users already in the database now…so it would need to sync with them.

UPDATE…i have installed wp email users plugin. it works quite well except, the shortcodes function on the plugin (where one can automatically insert user [[first-name]] and [[email-address]] etc) are not working at all.
anyone know why these dont work when s2members is installed?

You can only use the name if you’ve set it to send only one email at a time - it normally bulk sends so you can’t do that, I think. We don’t use it to personalise emails, and it works really well.