How To Backup PayPal IPN Data So It can be restored& Where is it stored

We have a php database program that updates our various client s2 sites we manage.

Unfortunately, we have discovered the update somehow overwrite the PayPal IPN data!

I need to know quickly what data table that information is stored?

And is there a way to back it up & restore it?

So my problem is basically information - I think
I hope someone can help us.



Note: We tried using export “options” but it did not seem to work?

[Update: We discovered that the options export file was getting corrupted while being saved to disk!

still would like to know which table stores the information so we can - to be safe - do a backup of that table.]



It’s the usermeta table, search for s2member_ipn_signup_vars in the meta_key.

When you say it overwrites the data, it sounds like you lost it. Do you not have those for the users, or you just didn’t copy it over, but it’s still available?

thanks for the information.
We were updating something else also stored in that table, and the program
inadvertently over wrote their IPN data with our IPN data in our s2 site.

The update program has been adjusted, thanks :grinning:


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great! :smiley: