How prevent Member from Renewing if already Renewed?

How do we prevent an existing Member from accidently renewing their membership if they have already paid?

I have members who pay fees on a yearly basis…quite often they forget they have paid and try to renew half way through a yearly cycle.

I have never tried that, but could you use a conditional if the EOT is not reached, to NOT display the button/form but instead, display a message that they are not due to register until “date”?

Of course, this assumes that the user is logged in though, but it MIGHT be something to consider?

Yes that could work.
Do you have an example conditional for this?

do not show them the form to checkout using s2if shortcode. That’s how I do it.

More complicated is not showing users who have time left - the shortcode with subscription. Else someone with maybe 5 years left - overwrites his time with a yearly subscription.

So e.g. only show option to subscribe monthly/yearly if less than 10 days left.

yes i think the last option is an option.

Alternatively, Im might setup display of the paypal button such that if Membership renewal is usually in August each year it just displays the button on a specific date? (say August 1 every year)

  1. Can this be done using the free version of this plugin?

You don’t need Pro for that. The time condition would be your custom PHP code for it.